Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 – Incorporating a Global Citizenship Rights and Values Dimension

'Global citizenship has rights and values at its core, just as the Commonwealth values of Humanity, Equality and Destiny are at the heart of the Commonwealth Games.

The exploration of issues about rights, responsibilities, diversity and justice, as well as environmental issues and sustainability, can be developed alongside the sporting and health aspects of the Games.' 

Education Scotland, Game on Scotland

As we all look forward to the Commonwealth Games coming to Scotland this summer, this is an ideal time to look at incorporating its inherent rights and values into global teaching and learning.

There are many useful, related resources online - take a look at our Commonwealth Games web links.


This is an ideal opportunity to explore strands such as:

  • What is the Commonwealth?
  • Who are the Commonwealth?
  • The Games & Sport
  • Inspirational People 

and also to explore values such as: 

  • Social Justice and Equity
  • Sustainable Development
  • Diversity
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Globalisation and Interdependence

You may also find the Commonwealth Class resource useful as it gives you access to short film clips and online debates.

For support and advice on how to incorporate the Commonwealth Games values and rights dimension into your teaching,  or to arrange a Commonwealth Games CPD, please contact us by email: or telephone: 01224 620111

Some of the global issues related to the Commonwealth Games are also relevant to the World Cup, which will be held in Brazil from mid-June to mid-July. You will find some useful downloadable resources here:
















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