How Aberdeen celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 

 On 25th February we were delighted to welcome to a special event for schools at the Montgomery DEC Marie Mirielle Pamela L’intelligent, who works in Mauritius for Craft Aid, producing Fair Trade cotton uniforms for KoolSkools. 

Pamela was accompanied by Andy Ashcroft of KoolSkools and Deirdre Muldowney of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum and she gave a highly informative and inspirational talk about her life and work which truly conveyed the human story behind Fair Trade and the huge differences it can make.

As Fairtrade work can happen at any time, not just during the Fortnight, you may find the following useful:

Resources from the Fairtrade Foundation: http://shop.fairtrade.org.uk/school

We have updated our own Fair Trade resources and web-link sheetClick here for MDEC Fair Trade resources sheet - updated January 2015  

Pamela L’Intelligent also spoke at the Fairtrade Fortnight for the Community, at which Aberdeen's new FT flagship employer, NorthLink Ferries, was introduced.

There was also a Fairtrade stall and refreshments and the Fairtrade Foundation's extended Photo Exhibition was on display, having already been shown at Central Library.


Follow this link to read about more Aberdeen Fairtrade Fortnight events


And lots went on during Fairtrade Fortnight at the University of Aberdeen 








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