'Failte Malawi' - Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Pilot

A chance to join a local pilot using this new resource and photo pack to encourage and enable primary school teachers and pupils to explore the links and commonalities that are shared between Scotland and Malawi.

With a focus on children's rights the pack covers 4 topics - water, food and farming, houses and homes, and toys and play.  A variety of active learning methods support pupils in reflecting on their perceptions of Malawi and thinking about how their attitudes and opinions are challenged as they learn.

This pack includes assessment opportunities, ideas for developing curriculum level work with partnership schools and activities with a numeracy, literacy and health and wellbeing focus.Come to the twilight CPD course on Monday 12th September and find out more (no commitment to the pilot required at this stage)

  Various schools are piloting the pack across Scotland and there is the opportunity for a group of Aberdeen schools to take part.  Being part of the pilot could involve an initial meeting/discussion/introduction to the pack and then in your school the taking of a pupil baseline measurement of attitudes / understanding etc (a tool for this has been developed for the pilot) before using some of the resource activities.  After classroom use there would be another pupil assessment to measure the nature of their learning. 

Full support would be available from the Montgomery DEC throughout.  There is no charge involved in taking part.

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