We were delighted to welcome so many schools to listen and talk to Masauko Khembo, the Malawian Sugar Producer who visited MDEC in March.

Many schools have taken impressive steps for Fairtrade, and Stoneywood and Kirkhill schools have been back in touch to let us know what they have done following their visit.

At Stoneywood, as well as learning a lot more about Fairtrade in class, pupils are having a BIG Fairtrade breakfast this month and parents will have FT stalls at their Summer and Christmas fairs, and a coffee morning. Teachers will drink FT tea and coffee at interval, parents evenings and on training days - and they promise to eat lots of FT chocolate. Stoneywood will also use FT products at Community events such as concerts and quizzes and socials. Well done!

At Kirkhill there is now a FT tuckshop, teachers are eating and drinking FT products, the pupils are finding out more about FT and they will make sure they use FT bananas. Well done!

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